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Secrets Through the Smoke

Secrets through the Smoke is a 55-minute educational video designed to promote critical thinking and to stimulate discussion about how the tobacco industry has used the science of addiction and effective marketing practices to promote the use of tobacco.

The video provides the perspective of the former senior-ranking tobacco industry "insider," Dr. Jeffrey S. Wigand, whose foresight, personal knowledge, and integrity motivated him to publicly voice his concerns about tobacco and health. Video provided by Center of Disease Control.


Women & Tobacco - Seven Deadly Myths

Women & Tobacco - Seven Deadly Myths hosted by cover model, entrepreneur, and smoking-cessation advocate Christy Turlington, this 17-minute video explores some of the common myths about smoking and empowers women to become or stay smoke-free. Videos Provided by The Center of Disease Control.


"Rise and Fall of TV Cigarette Ads" Butt Out

Retrospective regarding the past relationship between television and cigarette companies.


The Insider-Press Release

Dr. Jeffrey Wigand (RUSSELL CROWE) was a central witness in the lawsuits filed by Mississippi and 49 other states against the tobacco industry which were eventually settled for $246 billion. Wigand, former head of research for Brown & Williamson, was a top scientist, the ultimate insider. No one like him had ever gone public before.

Meanwhile, Lowell Bergman (AL PACINO), investigative reporter and "60 Minutes" producer, mostly for Mike Wallace (CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER) segments, taped the famous Wigand interview with its devastating statements, and arranged a legal defense team for Wigand. However, before the most newsworthy "60 Minutes" segment in years could air, Bergman would lose to a CBS corporate decision to kill it and would experience the fracturing of loyalties and bitter divisions within "60 Minutes".

Wigand would find himself sued, targeted in a national smear campaign, divorced and facing possible incarceration. Wigand, having wagered so much and now unable to deliver his testimony to the American people, and Bergman trying to defeat the smear campaign and fighting to force CBS to air the interview, are two ordinary men in extraordinary circumstances. They find themselves in a fight from which no one will emerge as he entered and nothing will be the same again.


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