Malibu Cronicle - December 2005
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It’s Time to Quit...Smoking That Is

By Steve Sadler

I finally got sick of the disgusting smell, the chronic cough and the yellow teeth. Someone told me about Freedom Laser Therapy in Santa Monica where in one your craving for cigarettes can be finished once and for all.

Live Free From Nicotine Smoking AddictionFreedom Laser Therapy puts people in touch with their natural ability to feel pleasure and reward without nicotine. One will naturally stimulate your endorphin levels assisting you in overcoming your physical addiction. In addition, they provide extensive knowledge on coping strategists to deal with the behavioral aspects of quitting smoking. A vitamin detoxification regimen that is included in the package also aids in eliminating nicotine from the blood stream.

Freedom Laser Therapy is dedicated to freeing the world from nicotine addiction…a very worthy goal.

Smoking-What You Need To Know

For many people it is love at first puff. Cigarettes contain 4,000+ deadly toxins including nicotine. Nicotine “high” reaches the brain within seven seconds. Nicotine, when first ingested, causes a person to feel awake and alert, shortly after that person feels calm and relaxed. This is due to an elevation in endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain reduction and pleasure chemicals that are produced in the brain. After time, more and more nicotine is needed to achieve the same pleasurable feeling, leaving the smoker addicted. The usage of this narcotic creates a roller coaster effect in your system that is very hard to break free from.

Once you are a habitual smoker, your mind and body develop a physical dependence for nicotine. Smoking excites your body’s pleasure chemicals, endorphins, and puts them into high gear. This makes you feel very good-until your body summons you to replenish the depletion of nicotine in your system. So you smoke again, and again, and again. It is a vicious cycle that never stops until you quit smoking for good.

Laser therapy works to stimulate the release of endorphins in a health way mimicking a similar endorphin rush caused by nicotine. The laser helps to balance the body without harmful effects.

How Laser Therapy Works

Low-level laser therapy operates on the principles similar to the 5,000 year old ancient Asian healing art of Acupuncture. Acupuncture is known to reduce tension, increase circulation, and enable the body to relax more deeply. Laser Therapy is a noninvasive method used to balance the energy flow between meridians.

Laser therapy is considered a non-medical procedure. with low-level laser helps to promote the release of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are natural chemicals in your body that signal your system to decrease stress and increase energy.

Freedom uses a low powered (soft) laser to treat nicotine addiction no more powerful than a 20-watt light bulb. Energy points related to addiction are identified and treated with a combination of a helium neon laser and electrobiostimulation. The entire procedure is external, non-invasive, and non-thermal. Laser Therapy is painless.

During the laser energy points on your hands, face, and ears are treated. If a client feels the sensation from the low-level laser, they may feel a warm, pulsating and sometimes-tingling feeling. Some clients may only feel a calming sensation from the laser.

The low-level laser acts as a tool to assist the client through the initial physical withdrawals from nicotine. The first 72 hours of quitting is considered to be the crucial detoxification period. The laser mimics a similar endorphin release for a period of 3-5 days following , which aids in alleviating stress associated with giving up nicotine.

The has used for over three decades in Europe and Canada.

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