Royal Oak Mirror Newspaper - January 3, 2005
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Laser Technology Helps Smokers Kick the Habit

By Diana Wing

Craig Nabat wants to free the world from nicotine addiction. He kicked his own pack-and-half-a-day smoking habit after trying a session of low-level laser therapy in Canada. A native Detroiter, known for inventing th infomercial product “The FINDIT Keyfinder,” Nabat established Freedom Laser Therapy, Inc., a year ago in Santa Monica, and opened a second clinic in December in downtown Royal Oak.

“We’ve treated over 2,500 people in the last 12 months and we know from follow-up phone calls, nine out of 10 clients are claiming that they quit,” he said.

During a 30-minute session, specific energy points on the client’s hands, face and ears are stimulated with a low-level laser. According to Nabat, this induces a calming effect throughout the body which lasts for several days and helps the client cope with the physical withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking. As the laser is administrated, the client watches a therapy video-a blend of tranquil imagery with a soothing but assertive narrative about nicotine addiction and lifestyle changes to support a commitment to quit smoking. Clients go home with a vitamin regimen to help rid the body of harmful toxins.

“The is completely painless. There really is no easier way to break your addiction and it’s so much more effective than other methods,” said Nabat who has plans to establish Freedom Laser Therapy franchises across the country. “I believe this is going to be the number one way to break people’s nicotine addiction and I know my company is going to be responsible for getting thousands of people off smoking within the next three or four years.”

Nabat wants to change the perception among young adults that smoking is cool. A flashy BMW Z-4 designed with the company’s logo is used to market the anti-smoking message and his program off-site.

“Seventy percent of people who smoke cigarettes want to quit but can’t,” said Nabat who tried, unsuccessfully, to stop smoking with other methods. “It’s one of the most addictive substances on the planet.”

Nabat is raffling the Z-4 and setting up a foundation—Cleft Lip Surgery Fund, Inc. Born with a cleft lip, Nabat wants to raise funds for children in the U.S. who need the life-enhancing surgery.


Freedom Laser Therapy, Inc.
401 S. Washington Ave.
Royal Oak, MI


Hours: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Saturday

Principal service: smoking cessation program using low-level laser therapy .

Did you know: A mobile team can treat employees at your place.

Notable clients: Santa Monica, CA clinic has treated many Hollywood celebrities.

Best part of being in business: “you absolutely change people’s lives.”-Craig Nabat

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